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In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to make a beautiful Ice Cream Candle by using wax and crayon colours. The final outcome is really awesome, I was very much satisfied with it.

You can use it with your own or gift it to your beloved.I am pretty sure, he/she will definitely love it.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required


1. Wax

2. Crayon colours

3. Disposal glasses

4. Ice cream sticks

5. Candle wick

6. Aluminium tray

7. Essential oil

8. Glass container


1. Glue gun

2. Lighter

Step 2: Cut the Solid Wax

Cut the required amount of wax with the help of knife.

Put it in a container and take it for melting.

Step 3: Melt the Solid Wax

Place a big size of container over the gas flame and put some water then let it be boiled.

Put a small size container over the boiling water and put those cutting wax.

Steer it continuously with a spoon or Ice cream sticks until it melts completely.

Step 4: Mixing Crayon Colors

Put the melted wax into the disposal glasses.

Cut the crayon colors with your own choice and put it into the liquid wax.

Mix the crayon and liquid wax thoroughly.

Step 5: Pour Colored Liquid Wax

Tilt the glass container with some kind of support ( book ) .Then put a single liquid coloured wax and let it dry for some time.

Fix the candle wick at the centred position when it become semi solid.

Sorry, I did a mistake. I mixed all colours at same time , by the time I want to use the next coloured wax, it became semisolid already. So you should not do the same mistake, thats the reason I mentioned this here.

You should mix the liquid wax and crayon colours one by one as per your project demand.

Pour all the colours one by one.

To make the candle wick fix at the centre position take the help of a ice cream stick.

Step 6: Making the Ice Cream Candle Scoop

Prepare a liquid coloured wax as I have mentioned before.

Steer it continuously until it become semi solid.

By the help of a scooper take it and place on an tray.

Step 7: Insert the Wick

Make a hole in the centre of the scoop when it was in semi solid state.

Leave it for drying some time until it become solid.

After this insert the candle wick in into the scoop hole.

Then place the scoop over the candle ice cream .

Step 8: Making the Chocolate Wafer

For making the chocolate wafer I used brown coloured liquid wax.

Spread the liquid wax on the aluminium tray and let it be solidified.

Then cut it as per the desired shape. Now you can give some texture with the blunt edge of the knife.

Step 9: Making the Tutti Frutti

For making Tutti Futti, cut the extra coloured wax which was left in the disposal glasses and use crayon colours.

Step 10: Garnishing the Ice Cream

Use a lighter to just melt the solid wax surface so that you can easily fix those coloured tutti frutti.

Be sure you are not melting the scoop texture.Apply heat where you need to fix tutti frutti.

Garnish the scoop by pressing it well with the help of your finger tips.

Congratulations ! Your Tutti Futti candle Ice Cream is ready now.

Step 11: Make Different Shape and Flavoured Ice Cream Candle

You can make different shape and flavoured Ice Cream Candle by following the same procedure.Only you have to use different shape container and different coloured crayon as per your choice.

The candle wick can be easily fixed at centre of the container by using hot glue.

The above pictures showing a chocolate ice cream candle by using brown coloured liquid wax.

Step 12: Make Black Current Scoop

To make black current scoop you have to melt the pink and purple coloured crayon with the liquid wax.

Then make the scoop as described earlier.

For chocolate wafer I have melted brown coloured crayon with solid wax. Spread it on the aluminium tray and made rolls at its semi solid state. Then left it to compete dried.

Step 13: Final Step

Now candle are ready to use. You can lit it up or you can use it for home decoration.

Thank you so much for reading my article.

Please follow me for more DIY projects like this.

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